Proposed Educational Programs

Emmanuel’s Bread strives to work with local organizations to offer workforce development and educational programs to enhance and build upon our resident’s existing skill sets, passions, and areas of personal interest. Our programs are a combination in which we design and manage in-house as well as partnership programs with other organizations. We are invested in providing personal and professional growth opportunities to residents to assist in their ability to be reintroduced into the workforce. Below are our pilot programs currently in development for our initial program rollout. As we grow and implement programs we will continue to evaluate individual program effectiveness and add, tweak, and/or remove programs to meet the needs and interests of our residents and the ever-changing employment environment in the Richland and Crawford County area.

This program will focus on teaching residents how to make furniture and unique wood crafts using the resources readily available in their environment. The program will provide residents with an understanding of the proper way to use hand tools and power equipment to craft beautiful and sought after rustic furniture and wood pieces. Residents will gain an understanding of the proper steps to take in order to craft each individual piece in a manner that provides a high quality product and unique character for each item. This includes selecting the appropriate tools and wood materials, drafting a woodworking plan and how to follow that plan, demonstrating various ornamental woodworking techniques, finishing stages of sanding, staining/painting, finishing, and polishing and estimating a pricing structure based on the overhead expenses, time and labor, and finished product.



Emmanuel’s Bread believes in using resources readily available within the environment in order to promote environment and individual sustainability. Gardening is one of our proposed introductory programs offered in order to educate residents on the ways to save money and safely grow their own healthy food. We will partner with local community gardens and clubs to provide our residents with an overview of the various ways in which a garden can be set-up and managed to meet differing needs. The gardening program is the first of the sustainability series and will focus on providing residents with an understanding of the following: choosing the right type of garden for your space, essential gardening tools needed, preparing the soil, proper seed/plant layout and design, choosing the right fertilizer, composting in your garden, feeding and watering timeline, controlling garden pests, and harvesting and food preservation.


Sustainability - Gardening


Emmanuel’s Bread will offer a culinary program to assist residents with the basics of understanding how to safely prepare meals at home and at a low cost. This program is designed to serve two purposes. One being that of simply educating our residents on how they can save money by cooking healthy and low cost meals for their families at home while staying away from processed food and the additional costs of eating out. More so though, it is aimed at providing our residents with a skill that will enhance their marketability by giving them culinary knowledge and skills to be able to obtain a job in the restaurant industry. The program will focus on the following: food safety, avoiding cross contamination and food poisoning, basic knife and cutting skills, cooking principles, food measurements, various cooking techniques, preparing various types of food, and food presentation. We will feature special sessions including culinary trained chefs.



Emmanuel’s Bread’s sales program is designed to provide residents with the soft skills needed in order to break into a position in the sales field and how to become successful in that position. This program will have an influence by Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People and will include the following: preparing a sales mentality, how to make friends and easily influence people, enhancing presentations skills, creating excitement and enthusiasm for the product or service, avoiding arguments and complaints, various sales pitches and strategies, and how to close the sale.  This program focuses on various sales types, including business to business, internal and individual sales.





Personal Development

The personal development program will target the individual needs of each participant as we understand each individual is on a unique path and requires a unique and customized program to help identify areas of improvement and personal growth. This course will focus on: assisting residents to identify their desired development and outlining their own individual personal development plan. Targeting the issues and obstacles standing in the way of development and prepare a plan of action to combat those issues. The course will include a variety of activities and exercises to prepare residents to identify and pursue development opportunities while building self-esteem and enhancing existing skills and passions that lie within each participant.


Our construction program is targeted for development at the end of phase one or beginning of Phase 2 and will provide real hands on construction training taught by various construction business owners in the areas of: concrete, siding, flooring, dry walling, and home remodeling from the ground up. The program is being designed as an educational apprenticeship program with the plans to create an apprenticeship to employment program for residents interested in completing this program.