Feeding Programs

Emmanuel’s Bread understands if the basic necessities of food and shelter are not provided, it becomes challenging for individuals to achieve their optimal potential. We believe educational empowerment and self-sufficiency are impossible until we can address and meet this basic requirement of food. Many families in the Richland and Crawford Counties of Ohio are struggling with the basic necessity of food. Emmanuel’s Bread provides a variety of feeding programs to assist the community in obtaining these much needed resources.

Launched in 2017, Emmanuel’s Garden is consists of two 1+ acre gardens outside of Crestline. The gardens contain a variety of produce that is 100% grown for distribution and donation to the struggling communities in Richland and Crawford Counties.

  • Produce Distribution - All food is given directly to organizations supporting those individuals in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, substance abuse rehabilitation shelters, community meals, and food pantries. Emmanuel’s Bread does not donate directly to individuals. The type of produce available, and schedule of distribution are based upon organizational need and garden yield. 

  • Garden Yield - The inaugural year of the garden produced 3,000 pounds of food for the community in need and the 2018 garden yield produced over 6600 pounds of food. We are aiming for 9,000 pounds of food for 2019.

  • Produce Costs - All produce is provided to partner organizations serving those in need at no cost. The garden is fully funded by private and individual donors.


Emmanuel's Bread does not donate any produce directly to individuals. For those struggling to meet basic food needs, please contact one of our partner organizations receiving these donations. For a list of partner organizations, please contact us at

Emmanuel's Garden



BackPack Program

Launched in the 2018-2019 school year, ​​the Backpack Program provides weekend meals throughout the school year to children who qualify for free food, as outlined by the federal guidelines. Emmanuel’s Bread services Crestline City Schools and St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Schools with a qualifying student percentage of 40% or higher are considered extreme need schools for this program. Both schools supported by this program are well above the “extreme need” marker. 99.28% of children in the Crestline City Schools qualify for free food, while 60% of children at St. Joseph's School qualify.

  • Meal Costs - The cost to feed one child for a weekend is $6.00. The cost to feed a child for the entire school year (including holidays and winter breaks) costs $306.00.

  • Meal Contents - Meals consist of two breakfasts, two lunches, and two snacks
  • Meal Distribution - Meals are dispersed to children prior to school dismissing for the weekend
  • Number of Children Served - For the 2018-2019 school year, 100 children received meals each weekend. We anticipate continued annual growth in these numbers as program awareness grows.

Summer Feeding Program


Launched in 2018, the Summer Feeding Program provides a lunch to any individual within the Crestline community in need of food during the summer months. While initially launched as a once a week program focused on feeding children, we quickly realized there are adults and elderly also in need. This program was expanded to serve anyone in need of a meal, free of cost, regardless of age. The 2019 Summer Feeding program consists of one hot meal per person and a bag of shelf-stable food per family. The program runs every Saturday from June through the first part of August. The 2019 dates are June 1 - August 10.

  • Served Meal Contents - Full hot meal with main dish, 1-2 side items and a beverage.

  • Meal Preparation - Meals are prepared at a centralized location in Crestline and then dispersed to various Crestline neighborhoods.

  • Shelf-Stable Bags - Contents vary from week to week depending on item availability. Bags are distributed at the same location as the hot meal.

  • Meal Distribution - Distribution locations are determined by the number of volunteers available for summer feeding teams. For 2019, we are planning a minimum of one site but hope to grow to 3. 

  • Meal Costs -  All meals are provided free of charge to those in need.



Emergency Drive-Thru Food Pantry - Program Concluded as of May 29, 2020

Launched in 2020, the Emergency Drive Thru Food Pantry was created as a temporary aid to those in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pantry provides shelf-stable food items to assist individuals and families during this uncertain time. Individuals should pull up in their vehicles to the pantry location and wait in their vehicle and pop their trunk. Emmanuel's Bread volunteers will load bags directly into vehicles. Due to food shortages and demand, we are unable to accommodate food allergies or requests. If you cannot use any items given to you, please share those items with a neighbor in need. 

  • When- Fridays from 11AM-2PM or until food runs out, whichever is first

  • Where - 101 W. Bucyrus Street, Crestline, OH 44827 (pull around the Stelzer Street side and park and pop trunk)

  • Duration of Program - April 10, 2020 - May 29, 2020.