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Phases of Development

Emmanuel’s Bread was established in 2016 to provide food, faith, and hope to the ever growing impoverished community in the Richland and Crawford County areas of Ohio. As a newer start-up charitable organization we have identified three phases of development for our organization as outlined below.

Emmanuel's Bread is currently focused on phase one and further developing and enhancing the organizations feeding programs. 


Phase One: FEEDING 

There are many families and individuals in the community struggling with the basic necessity of providing food for themselves and their families. Emmanuel's Bread understands that in order to assist in personal development, long term housing and professional development, first we must address the issue of hunger. Our first phase focuses on providing food for those individuals who cannot afford or obtain food on their own. For a list of our current feeding programs, navigate to the Programs page.


Phase two focuses on the development of programs to enhance skills, knowledge, and understanding of Christ's love. This involves the development of various customized Emmanuel's Breads programs and partnerships with existing programs through local organizations. The programs will focus on building individuals up spiritually, promoting and teaching self sustainability, and creating an avenue for learning tangible skills or trades to assist in their marketability as a candidate in the job arena.


This phase is currently on hold while we focusing on further developing the feeding phase.


Phase Three: HOUSING

Our last phase is our largest phase and is centered around the development of a community transitional housing environment with shared responsibility. This includes creating a community housing environment where individuals and families can temporarily reside while they go through our programs and attempt to get back on their feet. Housing length of stay will depend on each individual's need, adherence to programs and policies, and progression to self sufficiency. 

Housing units will be basic and secure. All programs, meals, and activities will be facilitated in a shared community space for all residents to participate. 

This phase is currently on hold while we continue to develop the feeding phase.