beans, garden, food, harvest, homeless, crop, grow
beans, garden, food, harvest, homeless, crop, grow, raspberries

About us

Emmanuel's Bread is a Christ-based 501c3 non-profit organization located in Crestline, Ohio. 

The organization was established in 2016 to assist in helping individuals and families obtain basic living needs and learn self-sustaining skills to aid them in getting back on their feet and becoming independent.


Emmanuel’s Bread is comprised of three core areas: Feeding, Educating, and Housing.



Create a sustainable and safe community, built upon Christ's love, where individuals receive the basic life necessities and educational programs to become independent and self-sufficient.



Provide safe and healthy programs and resources to displaced individuals enabling them to learn life-enhancing skills and become self-sufficient. 

  • Help individuals and families come to know Christ through the outward display of love and sharing of His word;

  • Enable an increased learning ability and focus by providing basic life necessities;

  • Increase self-esteem and personal worth in each individual through development and empowerment;

  • Enhance knowledge and skills of each member through hands-on learning/training classes to promote career development and self-sufficiency; and

  • Increase ownership and commitment to the community by giving back time and/or resources.